Bruschetta with Sliced Tomatoes

I struggled with what to call this post – bruschetta, tomato on toast, bruschetta with sliced tomatoes.  You see bruschetta traditionally is just toasted bread with garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper.  Now days when you say bruschetta it’s just assumed it comes with tomatoes.  For me, I’ve always called this dish Tomato on Toast, but if I named the post that you’d probably think I’ve become lazy and run out of ideas.

My family actually has a slight obsession with tomatoes.  While staying in Vasto, my brother and I had a running joke about tomatoes because every day when we drove from Monte Marcone to Vasto we passed tomato fields and men driving utility Lambretta’s with tomatoes in the back.  Our family even make our own tomato sauce (passata).  It’s a half day event where by the end the smell of hot tomatoes is everywhere, and although you start to get sick of it, it’s what we then eat – tomato on toast.

I guess this is why I wanted to do this post.  It’s not a fancy tomato bruschetta – there’s no chopped tomato salad with garlic, red onion, basil and herbs – it’s just a really simple dish.  So simple that it is my comfort food.  If you ask my mum what dish she could live on, it would be this.  My other comfort food is soft boiled eggs with soldiers, but I’ll talk about that another day. 

I make this dish at least once a week, and the key to it being so amazing is the quality of products.  You must use dense bread, like sourdough or ciabatta, and it’s important to use a good quality extra virgin olive oil.  And for the tomatoes - don’t get me started on the tomatoes!  The varieties that work best for this are Roma, or any dark red vine-ripe variety.  And sea salt to finish.  

You can chop up the fresh basil and sprinkle on top, or do what I do which is rip little chunks as I eat.  This recipe serves a greedy one.

2 slices of sourdough or ciabatta, toasted or grilled
1 large tomato, sliced around half a centimetre thick
1 clove garlic, peeled
Good quality extra virgin olive oil
Dried oregano
Sea salt
A few fresh basil leaves

Rub the warm toast with the garlic clove until the the bread is covered.  Then lightly drizzle on some olive oil.  Lay the tomatoes over the toast, then drizzle a little most oil.  Sprinkle over the oregano and salt, and top with the basil leaves. 

Quantities of the oil, oregano, salt and basil are up to you - for me, it's lots!

Buon appetito!