A little bit of a break...

Last Tuesday I set off to Melbourne for five days - two spent attending a conference and three galloping the streets with Colin, my other half. It had been two years since I was last in Melbourne (too long in my books), and going back to re-confirmed why I love that place so much.

First of all, the food. Such great food, no matter where you go - there is always something simple and tasty, and affordable, around every corner. Living in Perth, the options for an affordable, great meal is not that easy to find. Nor is a good coffee, which there is an abundance of in Melbourne.

Then I guess there's just the whole vibe of Melbourne - the lane ways, the graffiti art, shopping, culture, bars, pubs, the list goes on.

I took my camera with me but over the days only snapped a couple of photos (one amazing pasta dish in particular that I took with my iPhone). So I thought below I would just show you a bit of my trip.

And on another note, I hope to have a recipe post for you soon, but bare with me, my fridge is currently empty and I need to stock up!

Didn't take many food photos, but I did get a nice one of
Ian Curley in The European,
waiting for his staff to send out dishes.


This would have to be one of my favourite things about Melbourne - the street art.

Bit of sight-seeing here and there.  My favourite was seeing this beautifully
dressed lady, all dolled up, watching Fox Classics in Federation Square.