Sun, Pools and Cocktails

Well I’m back from my holiday.  Relaxed, but sad, and with a bit of an upset tummy – something that happens to many in Bali.  We set off Thursday afternoon, and as soon as we arrived we put our bags down and headed out.  From then it was a few days of getting into the spirit of ‘holidays’, then came the relaxing part. 

I didn’t really do much over there in terms of sight-seeing or venturing out.  We visited a couple of different villages (I’m not sure if that’s the right term?) and most of the time was really spent drinking and eating.  Nothing wrong with that right?

I took a few photos over this time, but really went nuts when we had a seafood extravaganza at Jimbaran Bay, and when Colin and I took a cooking class at Echo Beach.

Jimbaran Bay was awesome.  A long stretch of beach filled with tables and chairs, all belonging to different restaurants.  They are all pretty much the same - you start with a drink, then you can either go pick your seafood, or you can order a set menu.  We got the set menu, which consisted of a crayfish, a local fresh fish, prawns, clams, squid and mussels, and some greens and potatoes, plus drinks.

We did the cooking course on our last day while up near Echo Beach.  First we went through all the different types of spices and ingredients used in Indonesian cooking, then cooked up a feast and sat down and ate it!  We received a booklet at the end with all the recipes, so I'm pretty keen to try a couple out here, especially the pancakes!

Half of the class was hands on, but with 16 people you didn't exactly get to do much.  We did however get to fold up the steamed banana leaf dishes.  Sorry for my back to the camera, it was either this or a photo with my eyes half open looking suspiciously drunk...

So along with the steamed banana things (right now I can't seem to remember the actual name!) and the amazing looking pork dish above, we made a traditional mee goreng and some side dishes.

The last of the dishes were two fresh salads and some pandan pancakes!

So all in all, a pretty good trip!  Will most likely be back there again this time next year.  Oh yeah, cos I forgot to mention, the reason we went there, besides to relax, was Colin's rugby team played in a competition, to which they won! 


  1. The cooking class must have been fantastic. Everything looks so extremely delicious.

  2. Wow, that trip looks absolutely divine. I love the colors you've captured in the shellfish!

    First time here and really glad to have discovered your blog :)

  3. The food in the cooking class was delicious, it was just a shame that I was a little sick at the time so found it hard to stomach anything!

  4. Seriously stunning photos on your blog! Really happy to have discovered you...


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