One year anniversary!

Today marks food on paper's one year anniversary.  Well, one year since my first post.  To be honest I set up this blog about 6 months before that, but then left it, waiting for the right time.  That time was the start of 2011, my New Year’s resolution in fact.  So you know what that means...  I kept a New Year’s resolution!

I’ve really enjoyed this blog, the writing, cooking, photographing, my rambling, the successes and even failures.  Most of all I’ve loved the comments you guys leave!  I can’t  tell you how gratifying it is to put something out in the world and get positive feedback.  We all know what it feels like, and one that makes me so happy.

So to that I say thank you!

I have been quiet the past couple of weeks, I’ve been holidaying in the South West region of Western Australia, enjoying the sun, beaches and wine region.  Oh so much wine.  Monday things will be back to normal, I hope.


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary Tashy!!!!!!!!! So very proud of you and jealous that I'm not in Perth to sample more of your amazing cooking. I will have to be inspired and make some of your recipes myself. You'd be horrified at the amount of microwave meals I've been eating lately x x x

  2. Aww thanks Suz! I will think of some quick recipes for you, I don't want to hear about these microwave meals (shakes head)... haha, miss you chick! xx

  3. congrats on completing one successful year....and beautiful picture!! i am new to the blogging world and just started mine recently...and drawing inspiration from everywhere!


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