Time for a change

I believe what goes around, comes around.  That people get what they deserve in the end.  I always try to be a realist, see the world as it is, and make my life decisions based on that.  I take pride in everything I do, whether it be work, this blog, the way I dress or the message I send out to the world.

Why am I telling you this?  Well I've been debating whether I write this or not, but in the end, if I can get it off my chest, I can move on quicker.  I lost my job last week.  I got made redundant.  And as upset as I was, I have too my pride to let people walk over me. 

A major life change like this is making me think about what I really want in life.  For years I have been working in a corporate office doing marketing.  At times I loved it, and others I hated it.  Being jobless I'm starting think about what I really want to do.  Did I choose this career, or did I fall into it?  When I was little, like a lot of girls, I wanted to work for a fashion magazine.  In fact, when I left school I applied to do fashion and textile design.  I wanted so badly to work in the industry I wrote to magazine houses, I even got a job at David Jones, helping out in PR so I could get closer.  Nope.  A couple of years ago I started painting.  I took a couple of art classes, did some oil paintings, sold a couple.  I thought, maybe I could be an artist, but then I realised I'd rather leave that to when I'm retired.  When I started this blog I was open to the food world.  I thought how great would it be to work in the food industry?  Working for Gourmet Traveller or Delicious magazine.  I took up photography, partly due to this blog, but also because I loved it.  Then a year ago I started doing a bit of graphic design.  I got myself a couple of clients, doing their business cards and random design work.  I ended up back at uni doing design and art.  But now I'm just confused.  I don't know what I want, but I know that I want to wake up every morning and be excited to go to work.  I haven't ever really felt this way and am wondering if it's even possible.  

I hit rock bottom last week.  The best part of this is I now have some time to think about what I really want.  I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


  1. It happens :) When we expect the change from a boring life to something darn awesome, when we actually read or pass through some of such stuff. I think you really enjoy your food world.
    oops..spoke too much :p

  2. Oh, Natashia! I'm so sorry. Sorry you lost your job, sorry you're feeling lost. But you're right - you have everything to gain. Everything! Sending you best wishes from my side of the cosmos...

  3. Hi Natasha, I just found your blog and read this post and I know exactly how you feel. Almost exactly a year ago I was made redundant too, I was a fashion designer some days I loved it others I hated how it took up so much of my time. Since then I started my own little design & making business which is what I thought I really wanted to do but I found it much harder to jump out of bed in the morning to get on and get some work done. Then two months ago we left the Uk and came to Australia and now I really don't know what I want. I have to keep picking myself & thinking positive and hope something comes up, I'm sure it will at some point & for you too. Fingers crossed we both find our way out of the maze soon, good luck!

  4. Sometimes I think it is hard as a creative person, you feel like you have a lot to offer, but there isn't always this one specific job for you. Keep plugging away at doing the things you love. Try to enjoy the moment and focus on uni or some creative projects. Spend your free time visiting galleries and exhibitions that inspire you.

    Here is an article that I found inspiring when I decided to give up my "career" and go back to uni to do a masters,


    Good luck!

  5. Thank you all for your super kind words! I'm happy to report that all is well, I took days to think and realise it was a kick to the guts, but all wounds heal. I will now get back in the kitchen and cook! Thanks again people :) xx

  6. At some point we just have to let it all out. Glad you did, this simple post is helping another human being.:)


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