2013 Calendar

Part of my 2013 'New Years resolution' (I use this term loosely) was to get organised.  I may have mentioned a calendar.  It's the end of January and only now have I got around to the calendar part.  Well, after hitting the shops, walking around, looking at what's on offer, I couldn't find one I liked.  Also, I couldn't justify spending lots of money on one, cos although important, in my head it wasn't.

So what's a girl to do... make her own.  I made a really simple one, that I could clip together, stick on the fridge and scribble over.  Nothing special really.  My mum liked it, so I printed her a copy.  Then I thought, "hey, maybe others might want a free calendar too.."  So if you're like me and don't want a calendar with cats or naked girls and want something that you can throw away later on and not feel guilty, feel free to download a copy.

You can find it here.

Update:  Ok so I'm a noob (new) to uploading documents on blogger, so if you couldn't access the calendar before, you should be able to now!


  1. Looks so pretty, I still haven't taken down last years calender... I'm so organised, not! xxx

    ps. Please pop by my blog:

  2. Cush! I download this for every office job I've had this year (I'm temping so thats a few) and people always comment on how pretty it is and I always send them here. miss you xx

    1. Naw thanks hun! I'll make sure there's an even better one next year xx


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