Short Break

There's a saying - life happens when your busy making plans - and that saying couldn't be more true for me right now.  I haven't done a post in almost two months, and it's not because I haven't been cooking, the complete opposite actually, but because so many things have been happening that I haven't had time to post.  I've been so busy with all life's plans, that days are passing so quickly.  What I thought was a few weeks, has turned into two months.  So sorry, if you continue to visit this blog and are constantly having to look at balls (my mum complained of this).

Things aren't going to slow down either.  In the last couple of months I have gone back to uni to finish my last unit - designing and printing on textiles.  I have been trying to finish off my home renovations (I tiled my own kitchen splash back which I am super proud of!).  And just recently my partner and I bought a house together.  So this means I will be packing up my little place and moving, not to mention the extra renovations that will need to happen to BOTH houses.

So it's busy times ahead.  But I am so determined to keep this space going, so hang in there!  I promise I will have some awesome recipes for you soon.  Some recipes are already half done, it's just the photo / editing part that holding them up (I think my camera has dust on it).

Tash x