About me

Hi, my name is Natashia Bevilacqua, and I like to cook.  I was born in Australia to an Australian mother and an Italian father.  Food tends to be the focus for most occasions in my family.  Every Monday night for about two years (ever since I moved out of home), my brother and I go to my parents for dinner.  Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, holidays – they all revolve around food.  So it’s only natural that I would have an obsession with good food. 

My mum is a great cook who makes amazing Italian dishes.  Although she’s Australian, she spent 7 years living in Italy and learnt how to cook from my dad’s sisters.  She has basic recipes that only now have I realised how special they actually are.  I’ve been learning and cooking these recipes since I was a little girl, so most of the time they are second nature to me.

A little bit about me personally.  I work in the field of marketing and design.  Although starting out more with the communications side of things, I have slowly moved into graphic design.  I really enjoy photography, even though it’s just a hobby, and am constantly editing photos to test new styles.

In my spare time, which is really limited, I like to paint, restore furniture, and create illustrations and random design work.  My mind is like a theme park – constant things keep moving, I get distracted, I see pictures and colours and I love it!  Ideas constantly pop into my head. 

My ‘to-do’ list is long.  Very long.  I could fill a book of things I want to do.  My house has become a stock pile of half-done projects, each waiting their turn to be completed.  This blog was on my to-do list, and although at times I feel like giving it up, the feeling of publishing another recipe then receiving emails from my friends saying they cooked my dish and loved it just makes it all better.

So on that note, I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave a comment,  it makes my day!

This is me, doing my usual thing of hiding behind a camera. 
Photo courtesy of Sarah Lumsden.